This page demos inputComboboxListOfValues's skinning keys that are defined in the demoComponents skin.

Style Selectors

Select the styles that you wish to see displayed in the panel on the right.
Other skinning keys for inputComboboxListOfValues that are defined in the demoComponents skin.
  • af|inputComboboxListOfValues::popup-create-icon-style {-tr-inhibit: background-image; border: solid thin blue;}
  • af|inputComboboxListOfValues::popup-create-icon-style:hover {-tr-inhibit: background-image; border: solid thin green}
  • af|inputComboboxListOfValues::popup-create-icon-style:active {-tr-inhibit: background-image; border: solid thin red}
  • af|inputComboboxListOfValues::popup-create-icon-style:disabled {-tr-inhibit: background-image; border:solid thin grey}

Icon Selectors

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Resource Styles

Demo:Collapse Pane
Read-Only Value