The links below are always to demos of the latest released version.

Please see the FAQ for instructions on accessing demos using ADE.



You can download the latest ASPEN combined Rich Client/DVT Demo war file directly:

You can also access the combined Rich Client/DVT Demo war file from the shiphome:

The standalone ADF Faces demo war can be obtained from ADE, in the JDEVADF_MAIN_GENERIC label series, at $ADE_VIEW_ROOT/jdevadf/modules/adf-faces-rt/adf-richclient-demo.war

Instructions for how to deploy and run the ADF Faces Rich Client Component Demo on Oracle WebLogic Server are here. There are two sections in this document, one section for how to deploy on standalone WLS and one section for how to deploy on integrated WLS in Oracle JDeveloper.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Now that the DVT Demos have been combined with the RCF Demos, WLS must be started up with different JAVA_OPTIONS. Below see how the heapsize and the max perm size are set in the jvm command-line arguments:

"-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m"

RCF ADFm/ADFc Integration Demo

You can download the latest ASPEN version of the Rich Client Intergration Demo ear file(which contains the source) directly:

You can also access this demo from labels in the JDEVADF_MAIN_GENERIC series. The demo is located at $ADE_VIEW_ROOT/jdevadf/modules/adf-faces-demo/junit-apps. This demo uses a connection hosted at adfui.


You can access the rich client source code from a JDevelolper debug build. Extract the debug build onto your machine. The source zip is in JDEV_HOME/adfv/src/

You can also access the rich client source code from within Jdeveloper. Go to Help > Check for Updates > and then select 'Internal Automatic Updates' - 'ADF Framework Source'.

Or if you prefer, you can get the ADF Faces source code from ADE at the JDEVADF_MAIN_GENERIC label series, at $ADE_VIEW_ROOT/jdevadf/modules/adf-faces-rt/


You can get the ASPEN release of ADF Faces from ADE at the JDEVADF_MAIN_GENERIC label series.

  • At $ADE_VIEW_ROOT/jdevadf/modules/adf-faces-rt/dist/modules/oracle.adf.view_11.1.1/ you can get the following JAR files:
    • adf-richclient-api-11.jar
    • adf-richclient-impl-11.jar
    • adf-richclient-automation-11.jar
  • And at $ADE_VIEW_ROOT/jdevadf/modules/external-trinidad/dist/modules/oracle.adf.view_11.1.1/ you can get the Trinidad JAR files:
    • trinidad-api.jar
    • triniad-impl.jar

NOTE: If you are building within the JDeveloper modular build, you should get the JAR files from the ORACLE_HOME at $ADE_VIEW_ROOT/oracle/jlib, not directly from the module directory tree listed above.

For detailed installation directions, see the Installation guide.

Supported Platforms


ADF Faces is currently supported in the following user agents (i.e. browsing platforms):
Browser Supported Versions
Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
Firefox 14+
Safari 5+
Chrome 18+
Safari (iOS) 5+
Chrome (Android) 18+

Internet Explorer is not supported running in Compatibility View modes. Please use the standard (default) rendering mode. View Compatibility mode should be disabled.

Screen Reader Assistive Technology ADF Faces relies on WAI-ARIA markup for accessibility purposes. As support for this standard is continually improving we suggest using the latest version of your browser for optimal accessibility.

XMLHTTP XMLHTTP support must be enabled.

ActiveX ActiveX must be enabled on Internet Explorer.

JavaScript JavaScript support must be enabled.

Style Sheets Style sheets must be enabled due to the pervasive use of display:none and skinning keys. You may add your own style sheets in addition to the ones provided by ADF, or override the ADF style sheets as long as you define all style classes used by your application.

Flash If using Flash and the Data Visualization Tools (DVT) components, Flash 10, or higher, is required.

IE browsers It is not supported to display disabled selectOneChoice selectItems.

Browser Add-ons You should disable or remove third party browser add-ons because they have the capability to negatively interfere with the execution of the browser and the ADF Faces client framework.

Windows Media Player Plugin For using Windows Media Player to play videos using af:media component, Firefox and Chrome should have new WMP plugin np-mswmp.dll installed.

Application Servers

Please refer to Oracle JDeveloper and Application Development Framework Certification and Support Matrix

Active Data Service (ADS) applications WebSphere does not scale using "streaming" transport. We recommend applications set transport to "polling" in adf-config.xml for ADS. "streaming" transport should only be used if user cardinality is low. A performant streaming solution on any application server platforms is tracked in ER 8860727.

Email Clients

ADF Faces currently supports the following email clients:
  • Thunderbird 10.0
  • Outlook 2007
  • gmail


Please see the FAQ for help.

If the FAQ is insufficient, please use the ADF Faces (JSF Tech/ADFv) forums.

Filing Bugs

If you find bugs, please file them with product 807, component ADF_FACES, subcomponent RT and version